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Posted by on Feb 3, 2017 in Bone Injury Treatment | 0 comments

Remedies for a broken jaw

A broken jaw is an injury to one or both joints that are connected to the lower jaw bone. Remember that the joint is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joint can break, crack or become detached from the skull. The instability of the jaw joint is called dislocation.

Causes of broken jaw

  • Physical attack in the face
  • Injuries from sports
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Accidental falls in the house
  • Workplace accidents


  • Pain, swelling and bleeding of the affected area
  • Bleeding from the mouth
    Broken jaw

    Pain, swelling and bleeding of the affected area.

  • Pain and tenderness of the area when chewing and speaking
  • Difficulty or inability moving the jaw
  • Facial bruising
  • Stiffness of the jaw
  • Loose or damaged teeth
  • Formation of a lump or abnormal appearance of the cheek or jaw
  • Numbness of the face especially the lower lip


  • Prevent choking by not allowing any blood in the mouth to flow out freely or let the affected person spit it out into a handkerchief.
  • Gently remove any broken or lost teeth from the mouth without touching the roots. Place broken teeth in cold milk, salt water or saliva.
  • Wrap bandage under the jaw and over the top of the head to immobilize the jaw to prevent unnecessary movement and further damage to the area. Avoid wrapping it too tight to prevent any disruption in the blood circulation in the area. Another alternative if bandage is not available, is a neck tie, scarf and a handkerchief.
  • Do not attempt to align the jaws.
  • Take the prescribed pain medication to lessen the pain and inflammation.
  • Apply a cold compress on the affected jaw for at least 15-20 minutes to lessen swelling. Avoid applying the pack directly on the skin to prevent further damage to the area and worsen the condition.

More Information

The details posted on this page on a broken jaw is for learning purposes only. To learn to recognize and manage mouth injuries, enroll in a first aid course with one of our training providers.


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