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Posted by on Mar 16, 2018 in Muscle and Joint Injuries | 0 comments

Remedies for groin pull

A groin pull is caused by excessive stress on the muscles in the thigh and groin. If these muscles are severely tensed they can be over-stretched or torn. People playing sports that need plenty of running and jumping or changing directions are prone to this condition. Non-athletes and older people with arthritis on the hip are also susceptible to this type of pain.

Symptoms of groin pull

  • Pain when bringing two legs together
  • Groin pain and tenderness
  • Pain when raising the knee
  • A popping or snapping sound can be heard immediately after the injury
  • Severe pain in the area


groin pull

Take plenty of rest at least 2-4 weeks for mild to moderate groin pull and 6-8 weeks or longer for more severe injuries.

  • 1st degree – mild pain and mild loss of movement or strength.
  • 2nd degree – moderate pain and moderate lost of strength and some damage to the tissue
  • 3rd degree – severe pain and loss of strength due to complete tearing of the muscles.


  • Take plenty of rest at least 2-4 weeks for mild to moderate groin pull and 6-8 weeks or longer for more severe injuries. Avoid performing activities for at least 5-7 days while in the healing stage.
  • Apply an ice pack on the affected area. Wrap the ice pack with a towel before placing to the area immediately after the injury. Another alternative is using bag of frozen vegetable such peas or corn is good for the condition. Ice compress lessen the swelling, stop the bleeding under the skin and bruising.
  • Compress the thigh with an elastic bandage to lessen the swelling and make the damaged muscle stable. Avoid wrapping it too tight to prevent problems with circulations. Another option is using prescribed special brace for the groin which fits the area snugly and not too tight.
  • Elevate the area above the level of the hip to stop the swelling and increase flow of blood in the area. Raise the injured leg using pillows to keep it elevate as often as possible. Rolled towels or blankets can also be used for raising the affected area.
  • Alternate application of ice and heat. Apply heat in the form of a heat pack between a cold compress. Place a damp towel between the skin and the heat pack to prevent burning the skin.
  • Use the suggested anti-inflammatory medications to lessen the pain and the swelling.
  • Seek the help of the physical therapist for some stretching and strengthening exercises for fast healing of the tissues and restore range of movement of the affected area.

Disclaimer / More Information

The material posted on this page on a groin pull is for learning purposes only. Learn more about the causes and how it is managed by taking a first aid and CPR class with one of our training providers.

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