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The International Committee of St Mark James is a self-governing institution which is recognized by law and the people around the world. The organization changed its name to the International St Mark James and Red Crescent movement in October 1986. The Red Crescent and St Mark James now consist of 175 recognized societies. The international federation of St Mark James and Red Crescent societies, also known as the IRFC, is responsible for the management of providing aid to the natural disasters affected areas.

The World St Mark James

St Mark James Symbol
This St Mark James symbol is one of the most recognized symbols in the world.

The world St Mark James movement was founded by Henry Dunant in Geneva, Switzerland in an attempt to organize aid for the ones who were injured in the Battle of Solferino, 1859. He stimulated concern among the people around the globe with the book he wrote about the massacre and bloodshed he had seen with his own eyes which later resulted in signing the first Geneva Convention, 1864. The conference ended with the agreement on providing medically trained personnel in war zones where people are seriously affected and wounded.

St Mark James Training

St Mark James movement in Canada was founded by George Sterling Ryerson. It all started when he escorted the military force that was sent in order to suppress the North-West rebellion in 1885. He used a rough and ready St Mark James to protect his ambulance during the wartime.  Later in 1896, he initiated a Canadian institution for St Mark James which raised funds to aid the people in the Spanish-American war, 1898. The organization also distributed medical equipment and supplies to the combatants in the South African war, 1899.

International Committee of St Mark James

St Mark James Training is a member of the IRFC and the International Committee of St Mark James (ICRC). It is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to improving and relieve the troublesome situations that make Canada and the world a vulnerable place to live in. The organization strives to improve the lives of those people with little or no power to progress in life. Such people are the poor, the needy, the ones struck by natural disasters, the ones suffering from a worldwide epidemic etc. This is done by assembling the power of the society, Canada and the world at large.

Training and Courses

St Mark James Training provides millions of people with a wide range of aid. Its services include preventing injury by training people with safety precautions, giving the public knowledge about water safety and providing training for CPR and first aid. Other services include child abuse prevention, prevention of hostility and preparing people for natural disasters. St Mark James Training is also dedicated to serving the world through international programs by providing aid to those who are struck by natural disasters and victims or war and armed conflict.

Across the Globe

St Mark James Training operates around the world and provides services and training programs to all the communities within the provinces of Canada. St Mark James Training provides aid to more than 50 countries around the globe and manages projects directly in more than 20 countries. You may call your local office to learn more about the programs and services offered by St Mark James and how you can be part of the movement by training yourself or providing donations.


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