First Aid Training Class in Kelowna

First Aid Training Class in Kelowna
First Aid Training Class in Kelowna

Learn basic and advanced life saving skills by enrolling in a first aid course with Kelowna First Aid. Typical students include teachers, nurses, doctors, medical professionals, office workers, oil workers, fitness employees, daycare employees, security guards, police officers, fire fighters, paramaedics, dentists, physiotherapists and many more. Learn how to provide aid during emergencies by enrolling in standard, childcare or emergency first aid. Courses range in length from 4 hours to 16 hours (2 days). Re-certifications, private courses and food safe training are also available. To register for a course complete the on-line registration form below. Get certified for the workplace and learn to save a life by enrolling in first aid training in Kelowna with Kelowna First aid.

Enrolment and registration

To select the safety, food safe, first aid or CPR training course you need from a full list of courses available here on the Kelowna First Aid homepage.

You can then complete your enrolment using the form below, or send an e-mail. Telephone calls are walk-ins at the training centre during business hours are also highly encouraged.

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Key chain pocket mask
CPR pocket mask for rescuers on-the-go.

Course rates

Training courses have the cheapest rates in Kelowna. No other training service provider offers lower rates. Rates are inclusive of tuition and taxes, certification, manuals and use of Kelowna First Aid training equipment. Full refunds are given to trainees who cannot finish their training course but are able to give a 72-hour notice prior to dropping out. The following is a list of popular course prices available with Kelowna First Aid:

  • Standard First Aid, CPR and AED (two day course) – 144.99
  • Emergency First Aid, CPR and AED (one day course) – 84.99
  • Standard Childcare First Aid, CPR and AED (two day course) – 89.99

This provider encourages you to check the prices of competitors because they are confident you will not find lower prices. Freebies such as pocket mask key chains are given to trainees as a bonus in standard first aid courses.

CPR/AED Training

Stand-alone classes for CPR and AED training are also available to trainees who just want to study basic cardiopulmomary resuscitation. The following three levels are available:

  • CPR level “A” – This is a 4 hour CPR course that includes automated external defibrillator training and costs 48.99 (includes tax)
  • CPR level “C” – This 5 hour course includes the components of CPR level “A” but adds additional components for infant and child rescues. This course costs 64.99 (includes tax)
  • CPR level “HCP” – This 6 hour course includes the components of CPR level “HCP” but adds additional components for health care providers. This course costs 64.99 (includes tax)

Re-certification classes are available for both CPR level “C” and “HCP”

First Aid and CPR Courses

Standard first aid is the most popular course. This 14-16 hour first aid class is focused on first aid skill development and hassteadily become the most popular classes offered by Kelowna First Aid. The latest training equipment such as mannequins and first aid kits are used in basic first aid classes. A comprehensive list of emergency situations and injuries are used in Kelowna First Aid training classes. CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP” can be partnered with this course.

AED Trainer and adult pads
AED trainer used in CPR and AED training courses.

St Mark James affiliation

All training courses are St Mark James certification classes, so trainees who are able to complete a training course are awarded a certificate, valid for three years throughout the country. Trainees with near-expiry training certificates can keep them valid for another three years them through Kelowna First Aid recertification courses.

Private classes

Big groups or companies are offered private classes with a separate training schedule at their discretion. Trainees with scheduling problems can also choose to enrol in a private class.


The training centers are located throughout Kelowna, all within walking distance to public transportation, free parking, and restaurants and shops. The classrooms have the latest training equipment for first aid, CPR, and AED, and are air conditioned and well-maintained.

Did You Know?

Eye injuries

Mild eye injuries usually involve a small object entering the eye and scratching the cornea. The Cornea is a clear protective film over the eye. Things like dust, wood shavings, and even paper can scratch and damage the cornea. A superficial scratch is called a corneal abrasion. The danger in abrasions is that they can become infected and develop into a corneal ulcer.

A scratched cornea can make you feel like you have something in your eye even if the object that scratched it has been washed away. People with corneal abrasions experience eye pain, blurred vision, tears, and redness. Visit a doctor if you feel any of these symptoms.

Learn more about eye injuries with Kelowna First Aid.

Choose Kelowna First Aid and enrol in a training course today! You can’t go wrong with Kelowna First Aid!

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