Month: June 2013

Emergency Procedures for Airway Obstruction

Proper Establishment of Airway Establishing an effective airway can range from careful positioning and maneuvering of the head to prevent the tongue from falling back towards the pharynx to invasive insertion of endotracheal tubes to assist victims with airway obstruction to have better access to oxygenation and other life support equipment. Alternatively, other techniques such …

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Decompression Sickness First Aid Treatment

Hill DT Decompression Therapy Table [media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″] Decompression sickness or generalized barotrauma, are injuries that result from a rapid decrease of the surrounding pressure, whether it is of air or water. This is common mostly in deep sea divers or scuba divers; however, it may occur in high altitude travels. Decompression sickness however, …

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