Month: February 2016


Neurodermatitis is a condition of the skin that begins with an itchy area of skin. Scratching this area makes the condition worse by making it even itchier. The itch-scratch cycle makes the affected skin thick and leathery. The itchy spots usually develop in the neck, forearm, wrist, ankle and the thigh. Neurodermatitis is not a …

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Dust mite allergy

Dust mites are microscopic creatures which are smaller than 1/70 of an inch that lives in warm, moist, dark places with temperature of 68 degrees F and humidity levels of 75-80 percent. Under a microscope, dust mite appears as sightless, spider-like arachnids. They breathe through their skin and when they are dormant, they are resistant …

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Baby acne

Baby acne is acne that develops on the skin of the newborn baby. Baby acne can happen anywhere in the face but usually it happens on the cheeks, nose and forehead. It is common and temporary and eventually clears on its own without scarring the area. Baby acne is a condition affecting babies within a …

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