Babysitting Course

St Mark James has a specifically designed course to teach youth and young adults to become confident, prepared and educated babysitters. The course is designed and run exclusively by St Mark James training providers.  Build confidence in yourself or in a family member and enroll in a St Mark James babysitting course.  Successful candidates receive a St Mark James babysitting certificate. The length of the course is 8 hours and is usually taught within one day. Some locations offer the course over two 4 hour days. Register for a babysitting or St Mark James first aid course in Vancouver. We are partnered with St Mark James providers that offer Babysitting courses in Kelowna, Calgary, Surrey, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Regina and Saskatoon. Visit our location page for more information about a local provider near you.

Babysitting Course Content:

Candidates enrolled in this course will learn:

  • How to feed a baby
  • How to Change a diaper
  • How to prepare simple meals
  • How to play games with children of all ages.
  • How to prevent injuries and handle an emergency if it happens.
  • How to cope with problems such as tantrums and crying.
  • How to handle situations that make the babysitter uncomfortable
  • How to keep children safe
  • What the rights and responsibilities of a babysitter are.
  • How to handle fire emergencies.

First Aid emergency preparedness includes:

  • How to prevent and rescue a choking child
  • Treat a sprain or strain
  • Treat a bleeding victim.
  • Treat patients of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
  • Treat for inhaled, ingested, absorbed and injected poisons.

St Mark James Babysitting First Aid Prerequisites:

Candidates must be a minimum age of 11 to enroll into this course.

St Mark James Babysitting Certification:

Candidates will receive a babysitting course manual upon entry into the course. Successful candidates will receive a St Mark James babysitting certificate upon completion of the course. The certificate does not expire.

Babysitting First Aid Course Cost:

The cost of the course varies depending on location and the price set by the training provider. Visit St Mark James website to find a location for a babysitting course near you.

Babysitting Course Course Length:

The length of St Mark James babysitting first aid course is 8 hours and is normally completed within one full day.

Babysitting First Aid and CPR Registration:

Registration for a babysitting first aid course is quick and easy. Simply visit St Mark James website and select a course by your location. St Mark James training providers are located throughout Canada and offer the courses at various locations, dates and time.