Month: December 2016

neck muscle spasm

Remedy for neck muscle spasm

Neck muscle spasm is a sudden and involuntary contraction or uncontrolled shaking and tightening of a muscle due to strain, weakness, overuse and muscle pain caused by an injury or disorder. Causes of neck muscle spasm Convulsion, muscle strain and tension in the muscles due to heavy lifting or performing strenuous workout or tension …

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caterpillar sting

Treating a caterpillar sting

A caterpillar sting causes mild itching and tingling sensations to a severe allergic reaction. There are species of caterpillars that can sting. The hairs of some species have toxins which functions as a protective shield. In most cases, caterpillars do not have stingers, but the toxins are released through the barbed spines. With a …

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