Training Locations for First Aid Training Classes

Would you know what to do if a loved one had a medical emergency? Do you know the latest CPR techniques as provided by the American Heart Association and International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). St Mark James is a workplace approved first aid and CPR provider that has been offering training programs throughout Canada for over a decade. It is the industry leader in popular courses such as standard and emergency first aid. Find out first hand what this training provider has to offer in your city by taking a life-saving course today.

We offer St Mark James first aid training throughout Canada at comfortable and convenient locations. We understand that being certified is important to you and we provide affordable and convenient St Mark James first aid near you. Our St Mark James training providers are located throughout major metropolitan region in Canada. The registration process is extremely straight-forward and easy and our training partners have staff that can answer your questions by telephone or email. Most registration for St Mark James first aid training is completed through the telephone or on-line.

Training Locations

St Mark James training providers are located in most major cities throughout Canada. They are located in Surrey, Kelowna, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Ottawa and Winnipeg. For information about our St Mark James training providers select your location from above or from the main menu.

We have St Mark James First Aid Training Centers in the following Cities in Canada

British Columbia

first aid courses in Yaletown Vancouver
First aid courses in Yaletown Vancouver are offered at 1020 Mainland.





Nova Scotia

St Mark James Certificates

Our St Mark James training providers issue successful candidates St Mark James awards. These awards meet the highest workplace, government and academic standards. These awards are credible and valid throughout Canada for 3 years. Participants may be required to attend a re-certification course at a earlier date based on school or company policies. Contact your employer or school administrator to determine how current your St Mark James certificate needs to be.

St Mark James Re-Certification Training

Candidates looking to renew / refresh awards that are expiring  can do so with our St Mark James training providers. Candidates can attend re-certification classes for standard and emergency first aid as well as stand-alone CPR courses such as CPR level “C” and CPR “HCP”. To determine whether you meet the requirement to attend a re-certification course visit St Mark James provider in your location by selecting your area from the menu or from the selection above.

Private Courses

Participants looking to schedule a private St Mark James course or renewal / re-cert class can do so with any of our training providers. Candidates can request a private class for a individual, group or for business purposes.

Registration for Classes

St Mark James first aid and CPR course registration is available online at any of our training partner locations. Customers can also inquire and register for courses through email or via telephone. All of our St Mark James providers have excellent customer service reviews and offer the lowest prices.

For unbeatable service, prices and classes take a St Mark James full or re-certification course with one of our training providers near you.