Baby acne

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Baby acne is acne that develops on the skin of the newborn baby. Baby acne can happen anywhere in the face but usually it happens on the cheeks, nose and forehead. It is common and temporary and eventually clears on its own without scarring the area.

Baby acne is a condition affecting babies within a number of weeks up to months of age. There is no treatment for baby acne and eventually disappears as long as the face of the baby is gently washed. On the other hand, there are cases in which it becomes severe.


  • Small reddish or white bumps that develops on the cheek, nose and forehead of the baby.
  • The bumps manifest within 2 -4 weeks after birth.
  • Some babies develop small white bumps on the chin, nose or cheek which is also called milia.


  • Wash the skin of the baby using mild baby soap. It is recommended to utilize a soap that has been specially formulated for babies. Mild moisturizing facial soaps or soaps that contain high percentage of emollients can also be used on babies. In case the acne becomes worse, stop using this soap.
  • Avoid scrubbing the skin of the baby to help prevent irritation on the area. Utilize a soft sponge or washcloth in wiping the skin of the child.
  • Avoid applying oily lotion on the affected face of the baby to prevent the condition from worsening. If the skin of the baby is dry, use a non-oily cream and observe if there is a reaction on the skin. If there no reactions, apply it to the rest of the affected area of the skin.
  • Avoid squeezing the bumps to prevent making the condition worse. Squeezing the acne can cause irritation on the skin. The glands that produce oil will react by producing more oil and if there is plenty of oil in the area, it makes the condition worse.
  • Use the prescribed over-the-counter creams such as ionic colloidal silver solution or hydrocortisone cream. If hydrocortisone cream is used, it works by healing dry, prickly and sore skin conditions. It also helps relax the skin and lessen the production of oil and can result to a clearer complexion. Avoid getting the hydrocortisone on the eyes or mouth of the babies.
  • Ionic colloidal silver is much safer to use than hydrocortisone cream. It helps eliminate the bacteria found in facial oil and relaxes itchy skin. Apply a small amount of either hydrocortisone cream or ionic colloidal silver on the affected area at least twice a day for 2 days.
  • Provide the prescribed medication if the acne on the face of the baby causes pain or discomfort and lasts for months. Retinoid is type of chemical compound that helps regulate the growth of the skin tissues. The commonly used retinoid creams that are good for baby acne are adapalene, tazarotene and tretinoin. After washing the face of the baby, apply the cream at least once every day.

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