St. Johns Ambulance Recertification.

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St. Johns Ambulance does not offer re-certification courses. When renewal for first aid and CPR certification is required, many candidates turn to St Mark James program. St Mark James offers renewal courses for almost all of its certifications. All renewed certifications are valid equally as much as the original certification. All of the major first aid and CPR providers have nationally recognized awards that have equal certification value. To be eligible for a St Mark James re-certification candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Previous first aid and CPR certification must be awarded from a credible, Canadian provider. The top 4 credible providers include:
  1. St Mark James Training.
  2. The Lifesaving Society.
  3. St. Johns Ambulance.
  4. Heart and Stroke Foundation.
  • If a candidate has a previous certification from another country, he or she must obtain permission from the equivalent Canadian provider prior to attending / registering for a First Aid or CPR re-certification.
  • Candidate must have completed a renewal or original course in the past 5 years. If it has been more than 5 years before certification or renewal, a candidate must re-take the full course.
  • Candidate must provide previous certification card to re-certifying instructor.  St Mark James first aid instructor can not issue a new certificate without viewing prior certification card.
Re-certification courses are significantly cheaper (as cheap as 25 dollars), and are as short as half of the full course. St Mark James offers the following first aid and CPR renewal courses:
  • CPR “A” and AED
  • CPR “C” and AED
  • CPR HCP (Health Care Provider) and AED
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR level “A”
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR level “C”
  • Standard First Aid and CPR level “C”
  • Standard First Aid and CPR level HCP
We offer St Mark James First Aid and CPR courses at convenient and comfortable locations throughout Canada.  We are excited to teach you to save a life and keep your first aid and CPR skills up to date.

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