Respiratory Issues

asthma attack

How to treat an asthma attack

Overview  An asthma attack can strike suddenly and individuals who experience these traumatic events are witnessing aggravated symptoms. Some asthma attack sufferers may feel the following conditions: Hard time breathing Low and faster than normal breaths Difficulty managing normal long and deep breaths; stomach pain may also be present Coughing Lastly, high pitched sounds from …

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Nerve pain and inflammation

First Aid Management for Drug Overdose

A drug overdose can become a medical emergency situation and most of the time it requires the immediate administration of first aid in order to reduce the fatality of drug toxicity. Minor cases of a drug overdose can be negligible and the symptoms usually disappear on its own but the risk of death remains. Early recognition of …

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Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion is also known as a stuffed nose. This is usually an indication of health conditions especially a sinus infection but can also be caused by common cold. Nasal congestion is characterized by sinus pain, runny or stuffy nose, buildup of mucus and inflamed nasal tissues. Home therapies can help alleviate the condition especially …

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