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Posted by on Feb 21, 2014 in First Aid or CPR | 0 comments

Taking a First Aid Training Class to Manage Multiple Medications

Prescribing multiple medications is a common practice among doctors in different healthcare settings since this is one of the most effective ways to manage certain diseases, especially those medical conditions that cause several health complications. Despite its efficiency though, receiving this type of treatment comes with risks that can be difficult to manage and can lead to fatality if a first aid class is not taken. Here are some of the ways that taking a first aid training class can help nurses, rescuers and even guardians manage multiple medications.

Adverse drug reactions are managed

Epi-pen: Medication for Allergies

Epi-pen: Medication for Allergies

In a study that was conducted in Germany and was published by the United States National Library of Medicine, 99% of their sample population that is composed of individuals who are taking multiple medications are at risk for gastrointestinal problems. 95% of the samples were also at risk for postural hypotension and 94% are most likely to suffer from vertigo. This means that almost every single patient who is receiving multiple medication treatments is at risk for some form of adverse drug reaction. This is why it is important for rescuers to take a first aid class that can teach students how to manage these complications.

Giving wrong medications are prevented

Medications errors are one of the most common problems for patients who are receiving multiple medications. Due to the number of medications that they are encouraged to drink, they often lose track of the ones that they have already taken. Misreading the doctor’s orders is also one of the pitfalls of multiple medications. However, by taking first aid classes, patients, rescuers and guardians will know how to recognize the names of the medications even if they do not have a medical degree. They will also learn how to systematically keep track of every medication that has been ingested by the patients to avoid medication errors.

Medications will be administered in the right way

Rescuers will be taught how to keep track of necessary medications and each of these medications should be administered. Aside from assuring the efficiency of the medication, administering medications through the right route also ensures its safety. When medications are administered in the wrong way, it can lead to serious complications and can even lead to death. This is why it is important for rescuers to a first aid training class which can teach them the different medication routes and the other basics of giving medications not just to patients, but also to strangers.

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