What is restless arm syndrome?

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Restless arm syndrome has similarities with restless leg syndrome in which both conditions involve constant tingling sensations, throbbing, spasmodic and crawling sensation under the skin in both the arms and legs. This causes the urge to move the arm or leg and this occur when the affected leg or arms are inactive, usually during night.

Some irritations caused by tingling and pain will make the person restless, usually at night causing him/her to be awake all night. Over a period of time, if the condition is left unattended, it will become worse and can be treated with few medications and lifestyle changes to minimize the symptoms.

Restless arm syndrome can be caused by underlying conditions such as:

  • Folic acid deficiency, anemia and reduced red cell count
  • Diabetes and peripheral neuropathy
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Kidney failure
Restless arm syndrome
Some irritations caused by tingling and pain will make the person restless, usually at night causing him/her to be awake all night.

Stress can cause jerky sensations in the arm and legs of pregnant women. Some drugs can cause some irritation which can be a direct reaction of the drug or interactions with another drug that causes the problem.

Men and women are susceptible to restless arm syndrome and happen at any age, but it is common in adults.

Symptoms of restless arm syndrome

  • Symptoms of restless arm syndrome usually occur night when the person is asleep.
  • Person sitting or lying idle for long periods of time such as sitting in a car or plane.
  • A sensation that something is crawling, creeping or tingling that can be felt under the skin which is very painful in the arm or in the elbow.
  • The person will feel better when starting to move his/her limbs and the symptoms will remain restrained for a long period before recurring.

Treatment and home remedies of restless arm syndrome

  • If the condition is caused by anemia, he/she should concentrate on eating foods rich in iron content such as meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and jaggery which is a concentrated product of date and palm sap.
  • Taking of iron supplements is also helpful.
  • Vitamins are helpful in people suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Always eat a variety of vegetables in order to help minimize vitamin deficiency.
  • Avoid drinking stimulants such as coffee, tea and alcohol since they will worsen the symptoms.
  • Maintain a scheduled time for sleeping regularly.
  • Perform some stretching before going to bed. Stretch the biceps and triceps to help minimize the occurrence of restless arm syndrome. Applying a gentle massage on the affected area can also help.
  • Regularly perform yoga or other relaxation exercises to help in reducing the symptoms.
  • Avoid being overweight
  • Control the diabetes or thyroid problems by maintaining proper medication and dietary changes.

In case the individual experiences severe symptoms, it is recommended to consult a doctor for proper assessment of the condition as well as start a suitable course of treatment to minimize the symptoms.

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