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A swollen tongue is an abnormal condition due to inflammation, where either a part or the entire tongue becomes enlarged and fatter than the normal size.

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body and required for taste, swallowing food and speech. Generally, the color of a healthy tongue is pink and covered with small nodules called papillae. Sometimes, the tongue ends up with problems such as discoloration, soreness and swelling.

Drink small amounts of water at regular intervals to lessen the swelling of the tongue.

The swollen tongue is a form of defense mechanism in fighting against the infection and aids in the healing of the condition. Furthermore, excessive swelling of the tongue for a long time can be very harmful. A swollen tongue is caused by excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the tongue. In addition, the condition can also happen due to the deposit of abnormal substances such as the amyloid protein and an allergic reaction to certain medications.


  • Problems while swallowing foods
  • Enlarged, puffy tongue
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Discoloration or redness of the affected area due to inflammation

Causes of swollen tongue

  • Strep infections
  • Virus
  • Sometimes, burning sensation while eating foods in hot condition can result to trauma
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Certain allergic reactions
  • Suffering from genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome
  • Tongue cancer and leukemia
  • Hypothyroidism and amyloidosis
  • Breakdown of tissue of the skeletal muscles or rhabdomyolysis
  • Lastly, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking


  • Take the prescribed antifungal or antibiotic to suppress the inflammation that results to a swollen tongue.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Treat iron or deficiency in vitamins syndromes by taking the prescribed supplements
  • Place some ice cubes in the mouth to lessen the swelling of the tongue and relaxes the area.
  • Drink small amounts of water at regular intervals to lessen the swelling of the tongue
  • If there is severe swelling of the tongue, take the prescribed antihistamine and corticosteroids to lessen the swelling and inflammation of the area.
  • The swelling caused by allergic reactions are usually prescribed epinephrine injections.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle such as minimizing alcohol consumption and cessation of smoking. Generally, avoid foods that cause allergic reactions.
  • In a glass filled with warm water, add turmeric powder and mix well and gargle the solution for at least 2 times every day to lessen the symptoms of inflammation.
  • Place about 1 spoon of sugar on the tongue to lessen the swelling of the tongue.
  • Minimize consumption of sour and salty foods to prevent the production of saliva and eat semi-solid foods to lessen pain due to the swollen tongue.





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